is a network of anti-sexist digital platforms around the globe. Initiated by which was launch in France in October 2014, it seeks to unite and promote fight against sexism, and to empower activists who fight for freedom and equality.

We are fed up with legitimised sexism and gender-violence in our world. Are you too ?
Then join us and directly take action against it!

October 14. 2014

France is the first digital platform that enables visitors to lobby politicians, medias or companies responsible for sexist adverts or statements in just a few clicks - and always with a touch of humour ! 75 000 is the number of women that are raped every year, 1 on 5 is the number of women that has been harassed at least once time in her life, 23% is the wage gap between men and women's salary. These datas do not come from scratch, they are the result of a system in which diverse types of dominations lead women to be in a position of submission and exploitation, with high standards that the society tell them to reach or to follow. And, by using the public space to share sexist representations, the marketing companies, the medias and the politics help this system to persist. was founded and is handled by Caroline de Haas, a prominent French feminist that founded the primary feminist association in France, Clara Gonzales, a feminist activist, currently finishing her master thesis on international economic law and Elliot Lepers, a political designer and director.

March 8. 2015

Iran, as a part of Macholand network, is first of all an expression of being fed up with legitimised sexism in our world, which we name it MachoLand. The aim of this platform sensitive to sexism and LGBTQI phobia is to reduce discrimination in acts and thoughts of course but also tell what it is and what forms it can take! The Farsi section provides a participative platform to act against sexism in Iran and other Farsi speaking public spaces, based on two values: Education and Accountability, giving you the choice to click and act on suggested actions or suggest a reaction to a speech & act yourself !

Turkey refers to all lands under the influence of patriarchy. The women and LGBTQI of Turkey are being systematically discriminated, violated, harassed, raped and massacred. We know that the discrimination in the language in everyday life is being processed into thoughts and the thoughts become actions. This is why we expose the sexist statements, ads and actions on our website. We enable all of our users to take action against sexism. is founded by feminist activist Dilara Gürcü who is based in Paris and animal rights activist Sibel Schick who is based in Köln.

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